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Amber's Swim School
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Schedule and Registration

(See below for FAQ's and our Google Group)

Registration will close August 5th

Swim lessons go from June 6th until August 5th

$20 for 20 min private lesson

Registration & Payment:
We are only accepting payment online.
Please click the botton below to purchase through our online booking system.

Ľ Click on COURSES to see the open spots.

Ľ When reserving swim lessons you are agreeing to the Consent Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you recommend starting swim lessons?
We recommend the child being at least 2 years old. We do accept children younger but we do not specialize infant water safety.

How do you recommend scheduling the lessons?
We recommend around 10 lessons close together for a great start. This could be 2 weeks straight of lessons or 3 weeks of 3 lessons a week. Then depending on your goal you can tapper off. Once a week lessons will only maintain what your child already knows. Consistency is the best!

Do you teach adults?

Do you give Sibling discounts?

Can I sign up for lessons now and then later on add more?
Yes and no. You technically can sign up for lessons later but the schedule fills up so quickly that you might not be able to get the extra lessons you wanted.

Amberís Swim School Google Group

Over the years of running my business I often get emails and phone calls from parents wanting to change their lessons. Parents want to get more lessons or have a sick kid and canít make a lesson or need to change their time on a lesson, etc. I tried to think of a way that parents could communicate with each other even though they do not know each other. I decided to start a google group. This way parents can sell/swap their lessons to those looking for one. This is a private group and you would need to request to become a member.

Please request to become a member at and subscribe to the group.